Made Visible (Research Conclusion)

Today, I presented¬†Black Rainbow at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, bringing an “end” to my summer research project. This was the first time I publicly presented research, and it was a surprisingly enriching experience. I went into it doubting if I would be able to attract interested people to my presentation – it is something of a niche topic, after all.

But, everything turned out great! I’m thankful to everyone who stopped by to learn about my project, and am especially appreciative of the questions I was asked; they allowed me to go even deeper into my project than the three-minute “elevator pitch,” and even made me think about my research in ways I hadn’t previously. It truly was a display of scholarly discourse in action.

I want to thank the Charles Center for their support, the Equality Lab for being a great community from which to draw inspiration, and most of all, Prof. Elizabeth Losh, my faculty advisor, who’s been helping support and guide me through the research process. I look forward to doing much more research in the future to bring even more awareness to marginalized communities. The Future is Black, Queer, Intersectional, and (if we play our cards right) bright.


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