Complications of Frog Camp Data

Hi Folks

“Frog Camp,” as it’s come to be known by my friends and family, is theoretically over.  Now it’s “Frog bootcamp” for me, as I try to figure out what on earth to do with all the data that I have. I have had to learn to use several functions and programs that were new to me, and soon I will face hours of manual data entering labor.

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Mystery of the Missing Frogs

I’m writing for the first time from home today.  My last night of fieldwork and data collection was officially carried out last Tuesday.  Jonathan says the hard part is over.  It’s true that fieldwork is draining and puts your sleep cycles on crack, but I still think that the ‘fun part’ is also over.  From now on my time will be spent pushing around a massive data set, organizing and analyzing, and better yet, writing a scientific paper. Fun fun…

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I hear Cricket Frogs (everywhere)

Well it’s been a while since my last post.  This research is keeping me very busy.  During the afternoon I study maps and plan out the routes we take at night, as well as searching for new places to look for frogs.   At night we usually catch the Jamestown Ferry to reach our field sites, and we drive around for sometimes 6 hours a night.   Then we get home at 2 or 3am, fall in bed, and sleep until noon.  Funny how being a college student makes this the perfect schedule.  For once I actually have a perfectly legitimate excuse to stay up very late and sleep in!

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Frogs frogs, everywhere

Hello all,

I am writing again after just six days of fieldwork.  Strangely, it already seems like a hundred.  We have spent the last several days in the field driving around the area between Williamsburg and Richmond, cranking out sites.

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Cricket Frog Search is on!!

Hello everyone!

I am back in the ‘Burg and the Cricket Frog research has just kicked off! I’ve moved into my temporary housing off campus until dorms open up…got a nice little room in a house on Jamestown road.  I also went grocery shopping becuase i am cooking for myself.

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