ABSTRACT: Pursuing the Monarchs, A Documentary (Editing phase)

Monarch No boarder

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It’s a wrap!

Hello fellow researchers and creators,

This will most likely be my last post, and it is with great regret that I see the summer end. However, my time has been tremendously productive and without the Charles Center grant, I would not have been able to dedicate as much time as I did on the preparation of my documentary. Things are going to go really fast from now on. I booked the plane tickets for Mexico yesterday and we will be landing in Morelia on January 3rd and we will leave on the 15th. The production plan as of today is to visit three different colonies (El Rosario, Sierra Chincua and Cerro Pelon) and spend as much time as possible with the locals of the area. Ryan is taking care of booking and renting the equipment he needs, and I am working on my upcoming interviews. We are still struggling with numbers, but I believe my Honors Thesis Grant might help in solving that aspect. I must say this is quite a nerve racking period for me, as these first few interviews will decide of the future and look of the overall film. This upcoming will mark the beginning of the production stage; goodbye pre-production! How exciting.

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Wrapping Up the Monarchs

Hello everyone!

Time has flown by, I am already back at school and things are on the right track. I have two interviews coming up in the next three weeks and I have managed to gather a small team of two, to accompany me in my endeavors. For those of you who might know them: Ben Fox, working on sound design and Talia Schmitt, working on interviews. The help will be much needed as the time leading up to these two interviews will be intense. I need to prepare the interviews, make sure all my equipment is operational and keep working with my contact in Mexico to plan for the winter.

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Monarchs and Video

Hello everyone,

Pre-production is now well underway, and things are going very smoothly. Last week, I acquired a brand new camera for the shoot, a 5D Canon Mark III, and the images are absolutely splendid. Next week I will be skyping with an artist, Etienne Chambaud, in order to discuss the types of lenses that will be most useful in the forest and will then look into purchasing them. In addition, I have been working hard on getting a coherent budget on the table and I just finished it today. It is incredible how fast the numbers can add up! I will attach it to this update for anyone who is interested in film production.

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Pursuing the Monarchs update

Hello all, 

A little update on my documentary as we are approaching the end of June; I have made a lot of progress thus far. Last week, I got in contact with a talented director of photography who seems to be willing to help and hop on the team. His name is Ryan Carmody and I am adding the link to his website if anyone is interested in knowing a bit more about his work: http://www.ryancarmody.net/. In addition to Ryan, I have also contacted Joel Salatin, a renowned farmer, who makes an appearance in the famous documentary “Food Inc.” Joel has been extremely insightful on sustainable farming matters and has agreed to feature in my film to discuss the future of GMOs. I will be interviewing him this fall! I have started working with a young composer on the score and plan to hold a Skype session with him shortly in order to go over some details.

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