Trace conditioning

For this post, I wanted to take time to elaborate some more on trace conditioning since some people had questions about how it assesses the declarative memory.

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The Summer Lab

The tiny rats I prepared with alcohol intubations during the end of the semester were big enough for the experiment during the second week of July. By then, they had already entered their adulthood and ready for the experiment. There were two sets of litters ready for the experiment, each of which consisted of 8-10 rats each. I ran the experiment for two weeks- one week for each set of litter.

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Effects of Alcohol on Memory

Hey everyone,


My name is Arati Pudasaini. I am a rising junior at The College, majoring in Neuroscience.  This summer I will be working on a project with Dr. Hunt from the Psychology Department regarding the effects of hippocampus-dependent memory in rats exposed to alcohol on postnatal days 4-9.

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