Summer of Research

This summer has been jam-packed with research. I have been working full-time as a research assistant at The Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations since June. Our research team has been preparing to implement a survey on successful reform incentives in 120 developing countries. It will eventually be sent out to about 20,000 senior government officials, U.S. government officials in those countries, international organization representatives, NGO and civil society representatives, and anyone else who is relevant. And of course, I started my Charles Center research on the development of Chinese energy policy in May.

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Research Update: Living Life in the ‘Burg (Still)

I am definitely accustomed to taking a breather, even if just for a week back home in Massachusetts, after the end of the semester and final exams. Usually we all have at least a small chunk of time in between the end of spring semester and the start of a job, an internship or summer classes.¬†After I chose my research topic, however, I decided to remain in Williamsburg and start my work right after exams. And that’s when things really got crazy (Nope, actually, they did not).

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Energy Efficiency in China

Hey everyone,

My name is Austin Strange and I am a junior at The College. This summer I will be splitting time between Williamsburg and Beijing researching the incentives system for investing in efficient energy sources in China. I am hopeful that my project will yield some useful results– it is multidisciplinary in nature, and involves economic analysis as well as studying the unique Chinese context that energy policies exist in.

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