Busy October

This month has been extremely busy, but a lot of things have been added to the project. I have finally been able to take a look a new discipline initiative being implemented in a middle school in order to examine how many of the schools’ concepts compare with the discipline initiative systems I have been reading about. I have also finally finished my abstract and my poster board for the upcoming presentation in the Charles Center, which took much longer than I thought. I have also started to write Chapter 1 of my thesis which is comprised of: a brief introduction of my topic, the problem at hand, the brief literature review that relates to the topic, how I plan on conducting my project, how my study will contribute to society and my research questions. This chapter has been a hard one to sit down and write, but is almost complete.

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Lovely September

The school year has started off quickly and a lot of exciting updates have been occurring for my thesis. I have started to write Chapter 2 of my thesis which is the literature review of all the classroom management systems I have been looking at this summer. I have basically made a chart of each individual technique and am starting to really nail down some key similarities and differences that occur among them all. This has been taking up most of my time this month.

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August= School starts!

The summer is coming to an end and I feel as though I have accomplished so much. I have a solid fifteen articles that can be used for my actual thesis. This number is much smaller compared to the 30 that I started out with. They range from talking about different classroom management models to looking at effective professional development workshops, activities, and presentations. It is fascinating to read about so many studies that support different theories on the best practices for effective classroom management. My top two categories have been with classroom management techniques that either stress positive reinforcement or self-discipline.

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Summer Research Summary 2010

Exploring Discipline Strategies in Middle Schools

School discipline is designed to address schoolwide, classroom, and individual student needs through broad prevention, targeted intervention, and development of self-discipline (Osher, Bear, Sprague & Doyle, 2004). The administration has an obligation to teachers to respond to disruptive students who cause disorder in teachers’ classrooms. Schools endure a number of challenges that are directly related to disruptive behavior as it interferes with learning, diverts administrative time, and contributes to teacher burnout (Byrne,1999; Kendziora & Osher, 2009).

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Research in July

Blog Post 3      (July)

July has almost come and gone and I am thrilled about the path my research has been taking. For a full week I worked as a teaching assistant for Dr. Anne Charity-Hudley, Assistant Professor of English, and Professor of Community Studies at The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA, and Dr. Christine Mallinson, Assistant Professor in the Language, Literacy & Culture Program at University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

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