The Burg in June

Blog Post number 2 (June)

I am excited to work with my primary advisor Dr. Korinek, a Professor of Special Education at the William and Mary School of Education, who will be supervising my thesis. I am also fortunate to work with Dr. Anne Charity Hudley a Professor of Community Studies at The College of William and Mary. She will also be a member on my thesis committee. These two mentors have provided me with a lot of knowledge and insight on my topic, both in theory and practice.

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Beautiful May

Blog Post 1  (May)

I am honored to receive this Honors Fellowship for the 2010-2011 academic school year. I have many people to thank already just for getting me started with my Honors Project. First, the Charles Center has been a great resource in guiding me through this process. Working long hours with Lisa Grimes and student-reviewers has helped my project receive a fully funded Honors Fellowship. My research will explore discipline strategies in middle schools, and compare these tactics to the literature on best practices. I am narrowing down my project ideas early in the Honors thesis game, and would advise students to do the same.  The earlier a student has a primary advisor and a concrete topic of interest, the better.

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