Conclusion Blog Entry

So that wraps up my summer in Israel. I’m glad to be back in Williamsburg where it is less hot than Jerusalem, even though it is more humid. I learned about front-end design along with getting data from and API and refreshing it on a page, and data upkeep. Also I learned about Jewish thought and Israeli culture. I wish I had known more Hebrew before going, and that is the advice I will give in the future to people who go on my program. I’m confident the skills I learned at my internship will prove useful to my future career development as well.

Living in Israel

My third post will be about the other part of my time in Israel; daily life in Jerusalem. This was the immersive experience quite similar to study abroad, except for a few caveats. I’m going to go into those, and then I will discuss what I enjoyed and learned about Israel.

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Working at GreenQ

In my last post I was about to start working at my internship. For the majority of my summer I worked at a software startup called GreenQ, which makes hardware to put on garbage trucks to make them smarter. Then the hardware would collect data about the city’s garbage collection process, and over the course of months and eventually years they would get enough data to give the city advice for how to minimize costs with garbage collection. For instance with their first truck, within 3 months they told the city they could collect only 2 days a week if they collected along a modified route. There were a lot of other ways the business could grow, and it was for the most part a fascinating look at how a business works. One thing that happened was that they installed cameras on one truck, and it opened a world of AI and natural language processing possibilities. This taught me about how a startup pivots as the needs of the market and their product change.

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Starting my program at JInternships.

So I got to Israel on June 11th, and I visited my family for a week. The next week I started my program with JInternships, where we had two weeks of a life skills learning seminar. Over the weeks that followed, we took courses on mindfulness, conceptualization, and living life with purpose. We also visited in Jerusalem and the surrounding area, learning about Israeli history and culture. This week was the most structured of the program, with most of the week set up in advance and we just spent the time with speakers and in small group discussions. We spent the two weekends celebrating shabbat in a more religious way than we had been exposed to in the United States, and then the next week we would start our internships.

Abstract: Smart Garbage Software Development in Israel

The Internet of Garbage (IoG) is a term coined by GreenQ which means applying data analysis concepts to garbage and municipal maintenance facilities. GreenQ is a startup software company in Israel that develops software to analyze garbage consumption so municipal authorities can more efficiently pick up garbage.  The subject of this research will be twofold: I will be working for this startup in Jerusalem where I will work in close proximity with a software development team  team to develop a dashboard for a stronger user interface for the end user, and  optimization of their smart garbage analysis. The second part of my research will be in startup culture and the tech sector in Israel, a nation well known for its tech savviness, and its embrace of new technologies in all aspects of its wellbeing. This research is important because Americans produce more waste per capita than most developed countries, and it is an area where increased efficiency in garbage collection would go a long way in improving the efficiency of cities and American consumption habits.