Race and Gender Disparities in Counselor Education Tenure and Promotion Attainment

The world of academia has not always been as inclusive as it currently is. There was a time when women and people of color were not allowed access to this world. While that is no longer the case, disparities are still present. Based on prior studies, it has been made apparent that the experiences of faculty of color in Counselor Education differ from that of their white peers. However, researchers have yet to quantitatively examine for differences in tenure and rank based on race or gender. This study is important as it is being used to determine the whether faculty of color in counselor programs are representative of the US population. And along those lines whether there are differences in time for faculty of color to become associate professors, full professors or get tenure than white professors. This study will be used to assess the race and ethnicity of faculty in counselor education and psychology programs. We will determine the demographics of professors by tenure and class of professor using counselor education websites and psychology programs and gather salary information using public information and state salary databases.