Climate Change in the Philippines

Another project that myself and the other AidData Summer Fellows in the Philippines worked on was an analysis of how much data is open and publicly accessible in the Philippines, and how data and maps can be used to further efforts for research and community building. The following post considers these two things in relation to climate change.

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An Unconference with Map the Philippines

Hello again! Now that the summer is over, I’d like to talk about a couple of the main projects I worked on with the other Fellows in the Philippines. My other posts describe several of the trainings we participated in; here I would like to share a bit about one of the summer’s major events, the launch of our boss Celina Agaton’s Map the Philippines Initiative.

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Teaching OpenStreetMap in Cebu

Hello again from the Philippines!

As the summer comes to an end, my days are filling with all sorts of “lasts” and “finals”. Final reports are being written, our last trainings are wrapping up, final meetings are taking place, final stops at our favorite food places…

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Return to Leyte

Hello again from the Philippines! In my last blog I wrote about my trip to the island Leyte with Map the Philippines Initiative and the other AidData Summer Fellows. I’m pleased to say that my little foreshadowing at the end proved to be accurate after all, and we did make a return to Leyte!

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Mapping and Mayors and Meetings, oh my!

Hello everyone!

Last you heard from me I was gearing up for a summer in Nepal creating datasets and giving GIS trainings. But the world is full of unanticipated situations, and the earthquake in Nepal a month ago threw a huge wrench in all of these careful plans. After the disaster, the rush of humanitarian aid to Nepal, and the beginnings of the community’s effort to rebuild, an undergraduate mapper like me became a bit superfluous considering the circumstances, and so contingency plans had to be made.

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