The end, for now

I have been working steadily over the summer to translate, score, and analyze my results for the project. I have also met with Professor Aday a few times to discuss the work and its implications. Overall, we have decided that this work should continue and I am going to pursue a few conferences and publishing the final paper. Which is very exciting! I certainly didn’t think that was possible, but I am glad we have been able to get the project so far so soon!

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Done in Andahuaylas, Off to Lima!

After I finished my work with the kids, I also finished with the adults. The last two classes went pretty smoothly with them. There were a lot of questions and a lot of new ideas, but I think they were generally receptive.

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Starting to wrap up

Written 5/22/15

Today I finished my kids’ classes with a review and a practical quiz. All the kids did surprisingly well! I was very please that they remembered things we covered at the beginning of last week. Some of them even remembered facts and tidbits we barely touched on. One girl in particular remembered every number we mentioned precisely. It was impressive for anyone in a first aid class, but especially for a first grader!

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The first day of adult First Aid & CPR class

Written 5-19-15

We just started the adult first aid and CPR class. Everyone seems pretty excited and engaged, which is encouraging. I was a little nervous going into it, but I think it went alright.

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Cultural Reflection

Written 5/15/15

All the kids here wear logos like “Barbie” and “Angry Birds” that are totally American. None of it is even translated and it all is identical to what I see at home. At first I found it comforting, but the more I think about it, the more I find it distubring that my culture is so invasice that it reaches even a small city in Peru. I never considered “Angry Birds” to be of such importance.

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