Time to start the real work

Written 5/13

It seems evident that I am going to need to change a few key aspects of my research. I had planned on taking the first week to do interviews individually during the evenings, but that does not seem possible. There’s only two people who could really translate for that, and they happen to be busy. All. The Time. It doesn’t seem logical to take that time from them. I also don’t think we could actually get the class participants to cooperate with that schedule. They all have a lot going on and don’t seem to stick to (or even make) long term plans very well.

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Quotable moments

Written 5-13-15

Short quotes from the first day or so:

On the way down from the airport Sarah said, “I didn’t want my kids caught between two cultures feeling like they didn’t belong to either. But the only way to do that was to put them in school with Peruvians. And the schools here stink. So I made my own.”

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Andahuaylas, Perú

Written on 5/12/15

Today was a much more independent day for me, and I was certainly out of my comfort zone, though in some ways it was more comfortable than yesterday. I think I have gotten so far out of my comfort zone that relative discomfort is negligible.

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Arriving in Perú

(Because of limited internet in Perú I wrote my journal/posts on paper, and am now typing what I wrote during the actual experience.)

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The beginning of an adventure

Yesterday was my birthday and my favorite gift was a journal from my mom. The cover reads, “And then I realized that adventure is the best way to learn.” I am very excited to use this journal to document my research, personal exploration, and adventures that will come both in Peru and in Williamsburg as I do this project.

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