Aaaand We’re winding down

Well, my allotted time for is drawing to an end very quickly. The passed couple weeks have been very slow, so I am very excited to finish my job so that our data can be analyzed. The latter part of my research has mostly involved calculating average levels of variables such as empathetic concern, sympathy shown by participants as well as other factors that should describe how sympathetic or how prejudice the participants of the experiment were. Hopefully the results will worth reporting and statistically significant. It has been a lot of fun for me to spend time on campus in the summer and see first hand what goes into conducting research. It has been a cool experience living in Williamsburg for most of the summer. I’ve gotten more comfortable with the area, and I’ve made a few new friends as well.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

These last five weeks seem like they have flown by. My research experience in professor Dickter’s lab has been very enlightening and very productive. I am almost done organizing the data that has been collected for our study on race and media. It is hard to believe that there are only 2 more weeks left for me to work in the lab. So far one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned that you have to be patient throughout the research process. Usually, depending on the nature of the project, you will not achieve the end goal in a of matter days. That is certainly the case for this project on race and media.

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One Tribe, One Family…really?

A popular phrase for we William and Mary students is “One Tribe, One Family.” We shout it, we wear it on bracelets, some of you may even have it tattooed on your bodies. But I have begun to wonder if the current student body, myself included, fully appreciates what this affirmation means.

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It’s about MAking a Change

Hi everyone! My name is Isaiah Thomas and I am working with professor Cheryl Dickter and other students on a psychology study about race and media. I posted about it earlier in May, but that was a long time ago, so I will do a recap. The purpose of the particular study I am working on is to determine whether or not providing individuating information in a media description of a suspected criminal would reduce negative perceptions of Black targets when the crime is violent, and thus consistent with Black stereotypes. Participants were asked to read either sympathetic or neutral descriptions of a violent crime where the suspect was either White or Black. They then answered questions about their perceptions of the criminal, and took tests that measured racial prejudice.

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What Makes us Feel Sorry for Them?

Hi all, my name is Isaiah Thomas. I am from Virginia Beach, and I’m a freshman working on psychology research with Professor Cheryl Dickter. I am also a William and Mary Scholar. My study aims to determine if the sympathy conveyed in an implicit task for a criminal is affected by the type of crime, racial stereotypicality , and race of a criminal. This research project is a follow-up study to research currently being conducted by Professor Cheryl Dickter in which she is trying to determine if sympathetic news reports generate greater feelings of sympathy toward white criminals.