Intersection of Terrestrial Viruses and Aquatic Hosts

Hi, all!

This summer, much like last summer, my goal is to understand microbial dynamics through simulation of an aquatic system.

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This summer has taught me a lot about becoming a better researcher.

This summer I modified my methodology and while it took a long time to do so, it was worthwhile.  It’s better to delay and do things the right way than to stick with something easy that will give you less than accurate results.


With a limited amount of time left in the summer, I had a decision to make.

What aspect of my project can I reasonably start processing now?

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Setup Achieved!

Getting to a point where supplies were attained and a workable setup was created marked that beginning of the  research section of the summer.

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The Quest for a Better Setup: Part One

Last summer, I spent most of my time working on an analysis of changes within the Grim Dell during periods of rainfall.  In the very last week, I embarked upon a microcosm project. I followed the setup of a previous lab member, freezed my samples and analyzed them during the 2013-2014 school year.  My results were generally inconclusive, and during the school year I had a lot of time to consider the ways that the project could be improved.

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