Summary of My Research Endeavors and What lies ahead

This summer has been enlightening and recent events perpetuating the tough conversations regarding race have reminded me why I choose to research racism’s effect on African American males in the first place. Understanding and seeing first hand the diverse responses I gained through my interviews was the climax of my research process. No one person’s responses were the same or were their experiences isolated from the environment that I live and work in. All of my participants are William & Mary students and yet their perceptions of race and similar occurrences around campus and nationally were unique and thought provoking.

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My Research Endeavors: July 15th-August 1st

I have gathered my first set of data from several participants. The questions I asked involved learning about their social class status, education from K-12, and their first discovery of their racial background. Additionally, I asked questions that were open ended and allowed the participants the opportunity to elaborate on racial anecdotes and/or their perceptions of race. 

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My Research Endeavors: July 1st-July 15th

I have been preparing for my upcoming scheduled interviews. I will make another doodle form to schedule Skype interviews starting next week. [Read more…]

My Research Endeavors: June 15-July 1st

I have mainly been focused on practicing my use of Skype recording and crafting electronic consent forms. I do anticipate beginning interviews this week. While finalizing the logistics of my interviews, I have also been reading the text given to me by my advisor. Beating The Odds is a text that seeks to understand the dynamic involved in raising academically successful African American males. Hrabowski III, Maton, and Greif (1998) detail the experiences of black males in the Meyerhoff Scholars Program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County that is tailored toward males interested in research careers in engineering and science.

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My Research Endeavors: June 1-15

Last week I began crafting a tentative schedule regarding my summer research project. This week I have dispersed my research flyer via social media outlets like Facebook.  I have created a Facebook page that will be updated with pertinent information regarding my research and its findings. Below is my research blurb that will be used to continue to recruit participants.

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