Reflecting on Spatial Thinking

As the Summer draws to a close, I am filled with the nostalgic feelings that accompany returning to school. This summer 5 AidData Summer Fellows traveled to the Philippines and incredible 70 day experience.

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Summary of Activities: Interactive Map

2015 marks the AidData Summer Fellows’ first foray in the Philippines. This summer proved quite productive for creating connections and establishing ourselves in country. The AidData Summer Fellows participated in 18 events this summer including six trainings, six presentations, four meetings, and two consultations. For a spatial look at our work this summer please follow this link to our interactive map of activities. (Please Follow the link! It’s more fun than reading a play by play of what we did 😛 )

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How Can Mapping aid Art Collaboration in the Philippines?

Dear Friends,

As July comes to a close so does the Summer Fellows time in the Philippines. It’s sad to see the summer ending so quickly. As I have learned over the summer it takes time to find your footing some place new, especially coming in with very few connections.

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Map Your Sector! Insights from the UnConference

This past week the AidData Summer Fellows participated in the Map the Philippines Unconference, the launch of the initiative here in the Philippines. The event was a great success. It brought together stakeholders in many sectors as well as members of the community and students. During the conference, there were two break out sessions I had the privilege of joining. Below you will find some great ideas and new takes on how mapping could be used in the Philippines

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Not If, But When

Hello Friends, Colleagues and Family Members,


It is day 18 in the Philippines and a whirlwind of activity has commenced since the six AidData Fellows landed in Manila. Now that we have oriented ourselves, this is my first post to keep you updated on our efforts . Throughout the next few weeks I will be incorporating maps, blogs and videos to illustrate our work.

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