Musical Conservation

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One of my only reservations about performing research in Brasil was the language barrier.  I came to Brasil a few years ago and got pretty comfy with the language, but I wasn’t sure how I would fare after not having been in a Portuguese environment or conversation since.  Once I arrived to Praia do Forte, and had to depend on Portuguese to accomplish even the simplest tasks, the language started rushing back to me.  I quickly reached the level at which I had been in 2007 and picked up where I had left off on the learning curve; but despite several encouraging compliments from locals, I still came home at the end of the day with a fried brain from so much concentration during conversation.

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Celebrating the Environment in Praia do Forte

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After only two and a half days in Brasil, I have more to talk about than I could possibly convey in one post.   Amanda and I arrived in Salvador do Bahía at around 0830h.  Our flight had been pushed back for two hours due to heavy thunderstorms in Miami so our poor driver, Domingos, had been waiting since 0630h!  We were apologetic but he didn’t seem to mind.  We packed our things into his small Fiat and drove north on a highway out of Salvador.

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Saving Turtles and Building Communities

In my experience, effective social change begins from the bottom up: with education, experience, and moral values rooted in respect and reverence for all things, living and non-living.  I’m a rising junior majoring in Biology and Environmental Science & Policy at the College and I’m constantly thinking about how to balance human interests with those of the natural environment.  This summer I’m incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to study and work with an organization that has been remarkably successful in doing so.

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