A facebook note about my research


Following is a facebook note that I wrote about my research on June 25th 2010:

Title: “At the Iraqi Border”

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The End

If I had to summarize my research in about 3 paragraphs, it would look something like this:

– – – – – – –

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learning some limits

Every research project has it’s stages and I’ve crossed over from the “read everything you can” stage to the “now, write it” one. Weeks of research on Iraqi tribes, the al-Anbar Awakening, and Iraqi politics must somehow be compressed into a paper, and even a big paper is still a significant condensation of all that information absorption.

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Swamps and Deserts

Some sort of update about my summer research is long since overdue, so here goes my summary of the past 2 1/2 weeks of research:

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On your mark, get set, research!

Yesterday I moved into Jamestown for my summer research and after setting up my books and shopping at Bloom to provision myself for the next couple weeks, I’m ready to formally begin my summer research on ‘Tribe-State Relations in Iraq from 1991-2006’

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