Improving the Efficiency of Solar Cell Technology

Hi everyone! My name is Matt Mendonca and I will be doing summer research in the Chemistry department with Dr. Wustholz. I am a rising junior from Newport News, VA and I look forward to beating the heat of Williamsburg by being cooped up in a dark room shooting a laser at nanoparticles. When I am not busy studying most of the year I love to play soccer, watch movies, and hang out with my brothers in the Delta Chi Fraternity. Since I joined Dr. Wustholz’s research team at the beginning of this spring semester I have learned more than I ever thought possible, yet I’ve also realized that I barely understand a fraction of everything that goes on in the lab. It is very difficult to soak in everything that research has to offer during the school year while taking classes and trying to avoid social irrelevancy, and this is why I look forward to devoting 10 weeks of my summer to mastering my research topic.

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