My First Week in Patna (Before Heading Off to the Communities!) – Blog Post #3

Continuing to post all my blogs 🙂 The following blog post was about my first week in Patna, before I headed off to the communities in Purnea – one of the three districts where Sashakt is taking place. I was able to spend the week speaking with Pathfinder’s Program Coordinator in Delhi to learn more about Sashakt and ask the questions I had, use Pathfinder’s office to learn about its past programs, use Arun Sir’s documents and additional pdfs I had downloaded before arriving in Patna to learn about India’s health infrastructure, Vikas Mitras, and receive more insight into the Mahadalit community.

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My First Day with Pathfinder International: India – Blog Post #2

I finally arrived back from India! Being able to work with Pathfinder International: India and to travel through villages to speak with Mahadalit community members on the topic of early marriage and consequences for reproductive health was truly an amazing experience. I wish I had been able to upload my blogs while I was in India, but I had poor Wi-Fi access, so I’m uploading them all now! The following blog post was about my first day in the city of Patna, where one of Pathfinder International: India’s offices – the Bihar office – is located. Pathfinder International: India is one of many chapters of Pathfinder International, an international non-profit organization. I chose to work with Pathfinder International because I wanted to learn more about the health-related consequences of early marriage, and Pathfinder International specifically works to promote sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and rights at the community-level. Before I had arrived in Patna, I had already been speaking with Pathfinder over email for the past year, and was really excited to begin my research.

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Abstract: Early Marriage and Sexual and Reproductive Health among Mahadalit Youth in Bihar, India – a Community- Based Participatory Research Approach – Blog Post #1

Hi everyone,

I am extremely grateful to the Charles Center and Sharpe Scholars Program for helping me fund my summer research! I have been working on this research proposal for two years now, having started developing the proposal my first semester, freshman year with a great deal of support from Professor David Aday through his Sharpe seminar “Communities & Neighborhoods: Class, Space, and Race” and his research methods course. I also reached out to Professor Camilla Buchanan, my professor for Introduction to Epidemiology and an MD/MPH who I felt could also give me great advice on conducting public health research at the community level. After freshman year, I got in touch with “Pathfinder International: India,” a nonprofit that offered me support for my research, which I will conduct this summer, alongside their implementation project in the Katihar, Saharsa, and Purnea districts of Bihar.

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