Timelines Continued

Another week has gone by here in Williamsburg! I honestly don’t really have that many updates for this week. I’m continuing to work on the timelines for the colonial artists. I will admit at times it can be tedious when I can’t find enough information on the artists, but for the most part, this research has been very interesting and not terribly stressful. I’ve completed another 15 timelines this week and I will list one of the artists I found most interesting below! Enjoy 🙂 [Read more…]

Time for Timelines

So sorry for the delay on this post! I wrote it last week and forgot to click publish (oops). So the post listed below is what you should have been able to read on Monday. Thanks for understanding!

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Painting Painting Painting

And yet again a wonderful week interning for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation has flown by! Laura gave me a small research assignment just so she could double check some previous research she has already done. This past week I focused on analyzing how the American Revolution affected painting in the colonies. Where there any trends? New artists? What about this conflict changed the world of painting in America?

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Ducks in Progress

Another week is done! For the past week and a half I have been working on preliminary research for an upcoming exhibition on Duck Decoys. That’s right– duck decoys. I will admit that when Laura first told me this was a small exhibition the DeWitt Wallace was working on I chuckled, how could these hunting tools be considered folk art? It wasn’t until I really dug into my research that I realized just how extensive and vast the field of duck decoys was.

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Onto the Labels!

I really enjoyed my internship this week because I was building off previous research! Last week I constructed a timeline of the colonial painter William Joseph Aldridge’s life, a man whose work will be included in an upcoming exhibit in 2016. This week I was tasked with creating labels for all 11 pieces of work Colonial Williamsburg owns by the man. Even though I know my texts won’t be the final ones presented at the actual exhibit, I’m very humbled to provide the curators and researchers here at Colonial Williamsburg with a baseline. Listed below is some of my research and writings, so enjoy! [Read more…]