Abstract: Exploring and Evaluating Organizational Efforts to Help D.C.’s Mentally Ill Homeless Population

Hi, my name is Reema! I’m very excited to have the opportunity to conduct community-based research during my first year here at William & Mary. The community of interest for this project is the District of Columbia. D.C is currently facing a crisis with not only an increasing homeless population, but also an increasing sub-population of mentally ill individuals, despite allocating significant funds and resources towards homeless-intervention programs. Recently (in 2015), the mayor of D.C., created and began the implementation of a 5-yr plan, Homeward D.C., aimed at ending long-term homelessness in the region by the year 2020. Since the program’s inception, its support has considerably eroded, due to the underestimation of required expenses and resources, as well as a lack of visible progress.

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