Final Research Blog: Affinity Groups & African American Women Graduate Students


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Transcribing Part 2: How Affinity Groups Helped These African American Women Graduate Students.


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Transcribing Part 1: Overview of How Each Interview Was Conducted!

Introduction to the World of Transcribing

This summer was my first time ever transcribing. I always thought from the outside looking in that transcribing could be loads of fun. You basically just write down everything that is said in the interview. It sounds so simple, right? There are numerous online advertisements for individuals to make a job out of transcribing interviews. I always thought it was an easy way to get money.

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13 Biographies Of Potential Participants in Study

Research Assignment for Summer 2017

I started off my research on the effects of affinity groups on African American women at PWIs. Originally I thought I would be conducting interviews, but by the time my research started all of the interviews for my study had already been conducted. My assignment was to complete 13 biographies for potential participants in another study that Dr. Natoya Haskins was also conducting this summer along with transcribing the interviews for my study.

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Abstract: An Examination of Counselor Education African American Women Graduate Students Experiences in a Campus Based Affinity Group

Hi Everyone! My name is Ty’leik Brandon. I’m a rising sophomore at The College of William & Mary. I plan to major in Economics and minor in Africana Studies. I take a lot of Africana Studies classes as well as Sociology classes. I’m a member of Aim 4 on campus which is an active citizen development program. A combination of all these things (plus some real life experiences) gave me such a drive to fight for social justice and equality in our society. So, when I was given the opportunity to conduct research on a topic that I’m so passionate about this summer, I could not pass it up. This summer, I will examine Affinity Groups which are used in Predominantly White Institutions to support African American women.

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