Overall Impression

I am very thankful for the Charles Center Research Grant that I received so that I could participate in research over this summer.

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Final Week

This final week, we as a lab presented to several professors, one from the chemistry, one from the biology, one from the public policy and one from the the Charles center. We discussed the goals of our program as well as everything that we have accomplished this summer. We talked about our three main projects: our literature review, where we’ve compiled a lot of evidence from a pool of scholarly articles, our park prescriptions program, where we coordinate with the healthcare community to encourage outdoor activity, and our greenspace map to promote on campus outdoor activity. After our presentation, I continued to add descriptions to our greenspace map so that students can read about the trails and other outdoor areas on campus.

Park Rx Weeks 6-9

As a part of our project, we have been developing a on-campus greenspace map for William & Mary. In its final form, it will consist of a map of the college property, with all the outdoor areas highlighted and equipped with descriptions to encourage student use of these spaces. Over the past few weeks, I have been helping add to these descriptions. I have spent time walking around campus, taking pictures of different outdoor spaces, and uploading those pictures onto the map, as well as adding and editing descriptions of these spaces. I also spent a considerable amount of time walking a variety of trails near the campus, in order to map them, take pictures of them, and update their descriptions on the greenspace map.

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Parks Rx: Weeks 4-5

Over weeks four and five of the Park Rx project, a lot of progress has been made. In this relatively short time period, we have gotten 3 doctors on board with the project, as well as launching a public website and finish editing our website for doctor’s use.

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Week (1-2 remotely) and 3 in person summary

For the first two weeks of the Park Rx lab, I worked from home due to the later date of the move in for housing.

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