Meeting Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins (among other things)

Hi again!

It is hard to believe that my time here at the Department of State is coming to close. Continuing with the general trend of my time here, tons of things have been constantly going on!

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Woody Internship: Colonial Williamsburg Week 6

Some of the projects that I worked on were objects that had been in the collection for a number of years, but I was looking to see if any more information could be found with the help of technology. One such project that I worked on was a portrait of Patrick Henry. We believed the portrait to be a copy of a miniature done by artist Lawrence Sully. After reading the portrait file, I found a reference to a book that documented portraits of famous Americans. An engraving of Patrick Henry was in the book along with information referencing the engraving as a copy of drawing which was a copy of the Sully miniature. In short, our portrait was a fourth generation copy and we still did not know the artist. The portrait was sold to Colonial Williamsburg by the daughter of Kentucky artist, Oliver Frazer. However, Frazer is not believed to be the artist of this portrait due to stylistic differences. Frazer had an uncle named Robert, who was a popular jeweler in the Lexington, Kentucky area. Colonial Williamsburg has a watch in the collection that contains a watch paper with R. Frazer’s advertisement in it. In conclusion, I believe that an artist possibly training under Oliver Frazer had access to the book containing the engraving at the University of Transylvania, saw the engraving and tried to replicate it. The exact artist may never be known, but this information brings us much closer to discovering the portraits origins. I was able to present all of this information as a research discovery at one of the curatorial accessions meetings.

Art Outside of the Getty

I can’t believe summer is over halfway over and my time here is dwindling! The summer has been flying by. Nevertheless, I’m determined to squeeze every last bit I can out of this season while it lasts.

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문화 교환 (Culture Exchange)

As I dove into another week of work, I soon discovered that I would have to find my own opportunities to work to make the most out of this experience. At first, I was confused as to why everyone in the office around me always seemed busy, however if I asked to help out with anything, I would always be given the response, “I’ll let you know later.” The day would sometimes end with a trivial task or I would not be assigned any tasks at all. Halfway through the week, I heard my team manager talking about visiting various locations outside the office as work and I volunteered to join and help out to gain some experience. I was finally given the okay and accompanied my team manager on this trip. We visited various event halls and theaters around Centum City. The first place we looked at was the Shinsegae Culture Hall. Here, I took notes and pictures while the team leader told us where the posters and promotional items would be placed. We next went to the Media Center, another venue for the festival, followed by the Busan Design Center. Finally, we stopped by the Busan International Film Festival Building, one of the most interesting structures in Busan which also houses its own cinema center where the public are welcome to watch movies. At this time, another festival was taking place called BIKY, or the Busan International Kids and Youth Movie Festival, where famous youth movies are displayed and events are hosted for kids. Seeing how this festival was being promoted and the abundance of posters all over Busan (e.g. in the subway stations), I got a better understanding of how the Comedy Festival is going to be promoted. After visiting these locations, the head team manager, 박 팀장님 (Mrs. Park), led us over to a cafe where we discussed the notes we took and also had time to casually talk and ask questions. I found it interesting sharing my experience as a foreigner and my perspective of the culture while being able to ask questions of my own on how foreigners are viewed by native Koreans and how our culture is perceived.

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Freeman Intern Fellowship #2: A Typical Day in my Hong Kong Internship (Weekdays Only)!

Hi Everyone,

I have learned so much this summer, but something I knew before and definitely had affirmed was how bad I am at blogging. Apologies for taking so long with my updates! As I’ll talk about in this post and subsequent ones, life is very busy here, and I have little time for anything besides work during the week (and thus, my weekends are spend anywhere but a computer). My summer is winding down, though, and I am finding some time to write many update posts this week on my internship, and experience, in Hong Kong.

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