Almost There

This week my roommate Olivia packed up and went home. We have been helping her pack for the past few days; although by helping I mean talking to her while she packs and watching movies with her when she wants to take a break. Though I still have three more weeks here in Laos, Olivia’s leaving makes me feel as though I am leaving soon too.

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Last one…just kidding

The weird thing about EEG studies is that you can do data cleaning throughout the entire process of data collection but you really can’t tell what your results are until all the data is collected. So other than saying “this person didn’t respond to five of the stimuli” or “hmm, his brainwaves are nice,” there’s a lot of hours of doing work with zero knowledge of whether it will pay off. Granted, many of those hours involve sitting and waiting. Or else waiting, pressing a key or typing a word, and waiting some more. I’ve become quite good at Soduku and have finished watching all 160 episodes of How I Met Your Mother (I started in July) available on Netflix.

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From July 31, 2012

It’s been one week since I flew out of Costa Rica with a duffel full of Spanish surveys and memories of many people who helped me along.  Before we left, we bought our host Don Pedro his favorite type of banana for him to remember us by.  We also said “adios” to Gail, Dr. Rodriguez and Paola.  Now I’m back in Harrisonburg, VA with a pile of responses to input and code.

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UNIBE Research

From July 19, 2012

Working with contacts at the Universidad de Iboamerica (UNIBE) allowed me to quickly and efficiently gather data from native Costa Ricans.  Collaborating with Vice Chancellor Roberto Rodriguez ( and Graduate Research Coordinator Paola Mora allowed our team to tap into UNIBE’s resources.  This cooperation allowed our team to explore attitudes among children in public and private schools as well as get a large sampling of adolescents/adults to compare with the La Carpio data set.

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Collecting Data in La Carpio

From July 17, 2012

Today, we pulled up to “Guarderia Kinder los Angeles,” one of Gail’s buildings that serves as school and community center.  While the rest of the research team went upstairs to meet with children and teachers at the center, Gail and I went across the street to a printing shop/convenience/hardware store.  We were warmly greeted by the proprietor Ray and used his computer to make final edits to the surveys before printing.  Then we gathered the team and started site visitation and data collection.

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