Square One

Thanks to research I conducted for a chemistry major class, I selected a second derivative from the few I had compiled earlier.  This derivative was not so miraculous.  The synthesis was less than stellar but with help I was able to make it using another procedure.  Then, I moved on to purification which was not as good.  Surely all the reasons why I decided this derivative my second pick became even more so apparent.  In order to find more alternatives, I researched new derivatives.


Over the next week or so, I worked on mastering the nanoparticle procedure.  I realized after a few batches that once the procedure was begun it was best not to stop.  I am still a slow worker in the lab despite working in the Harbron lab for both my sophomore and junior years.  In time, I was able to make them successfully.  After each batch though, I would need to test them for their responsiveness to the particular metal.  Unfortunately, my miracle dye was not participating.  I needed to find a new derivative.

Working on it…

While the miracle derivative sat in a small space inside my hood, behind the metal bars, I moved on to something that I had always been curious about since I started working in the Harbron lab.  On the mercury sensor project, I performed only  synthesis and purification and another person conducted the nanoparticle construction and analysis.  This summer I would make nano-particles. The procedure was four pages long and I will admit I was certainly intimidated.  It required intense cleanliness.  But practice, practice.

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Senior Summer 2012

Unlike last summer, I did not spend a lot of time working on the synthesis of my particular derivative.  I instead due to my research done in a previous class had found a derivative that was quite impressive.  The synthesis was not bad and neither was the purification.  Its responsiveness to the metal I chose was also very good and above all else, it did not revert to a blood pink solution upon the least amount of contact with heat.  All looked well.

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Bringing the faeries home

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