Wrapping Up

By the end of the summer, I grew more comfortable running my data through R and setting up graphs using R. I have a working draft of a literature review and a number of article summaries to draw on in the upcoming year.  I have not yet begun any statistical analysis of my data, but I do have a number of histograms of word distributions at the national and state level.  This is helpful for seeing exactly how many times a word or phrases was mentioned at least once in an article.  I am excited to continue to create new charts and graphs to help others better visualize my data.

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Piloting an experiment in the field

One of my final activities for the summer was assisting in a pilot research project using crowdsourced data. U-report is a UNICEF tool for gathering citizen feedback on what’s happening at the community level. Using this free SMS-based system, U-reporters send in both unsolicited information and responses to polls asking about service provision and soliciting other community information. Development partners and local leaders can then use this crowdsourced data to take citizen voices into account as they make decisions. The hope is that this will help complete the feedback loop between donors, government officials, and community stakeholders.

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The U-report team goes to Karamoja

One of the highlights of my time in Uganda was hosting a conference with the U-report team to introduce district government and civil society organizations to crowdsourced data. It took a full day’s drive to reach Moroto, in Karamoja (the northeastern region of Uganda). Though it was known for a history of violence, the area is now experiencing peace and growth. The leaders we met from Abim and Moroto districts were very receptive to incorporating U-report data into their decision-making processes.

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Research in England: A Different Perspective

While for the first half of the summer I was working on my research project for the SNaPP Lab, the second half of the summer I was in Cambridge, England with the W&M program.  It was an interesting transition to go from spending most of my time reading scholarly articles and working on graphs in R to living, traveling and studying with 47 other William & Mary students!  Our program took place at Christ’s College, a college within Cambridge University founded by Lady Margaret Beaufort in 1209.  I didn’t think I could find a place more in tune with local history than W&M, but I think Christ’s College may have us beat in that department!

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Probs Discounting : Choosing a Reward

Hey Everyone!

I hope you’re all glad to be back!

A couple more updates on how my research is turning out:

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