Closing Thoughts on My Summer Research Project

Hello There!

With my summer projects complete, and with an adequate time for reflection about my results and the future directions of my projects afforded, I now feel ready to complete my last post of the season.  From the data gathered from the autophagosome, lysosome, autolysosome, and L3CB experiments, I have seen first hand some of the fascinating cellular effects that MK-STYX exerts.  With this protein established as an important autophagy player in our in vitro studies, exciting new experimental directions beckon in other organismal models.  In the future, I will explore how autophagy transcription factors, the activators of specific genes in DNA, are influenced by MK-STYX.  Following this, I will investigate the known role MK-STYX plays in clearing misfolded proteins, or protein aggregates, from cells.  I believe this represents an important experimental direction as these variousprotein aggregate types are major factors in devastating diseases like Huntington’s Disease, ALS, and Alzheimer’s.

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Research Final Summary

Final Summary

In the end, we investigated five molecules for inhibition of Pyruvate Kinase. Of the five, two definitively inhibit PK. One definitively does not inhibit PK. Finally, two of them might inhibit PK and need to be tested further.

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Comparative analysis of Hindu and Christian- related education in American public schools- Final Analysis

All three states had at least some instance of bias, but the amount and type varied greatly. Overall, California had the most accurate and fair representation of Hinduism. It was the only one out of the three states to have students read parts of Hindu sacred texts. California also had the most complete standards in regard to Christian violence. Whenever Christianity made an impact historically, California made sure to include both positive and negative impacts it had on society and did the same with Hinduism. There was more time dedicated to parts of history Christianity affected, but that appeared to be a symptom of what periods of history and what regions were studied, not because of pro-Christian bias. A student whose religious knowledge came solely from this curriculum would have a fairly even view of the two religions.

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Coal-Fired Power Plant Final Blog Post


This summer, I was tasked with preparing historical institutional and governance aspects related to a study on coal-fired power plants in the United States for Professor Maliniak and Professor Harish. The principal investigator, Yana Jin has found much of the economic data related to these plants and explained that in order to understand the complete story behind coal plants, I need to look at the geopolitical variables as well.

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In researching how new media affect the public and private spheres in relation to democratic theory, it was important to have a grasp on some of the most influential formulations of the ideal public sphere from the past. One of the prominent theorists of the ideal public sphere was Immanuel Kant.

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