Transcribing Interviews!

Today I transcribed a very interesting interview of Nancy Kurtz Falck, from the W&M Class of 1950. Nancy spoke about different gender constrictions such as the curfew for women during her time at W&M, dress code for playing sports, dating, and restriction on riding in cars. It was fascinating to hear about how her boyfriend at the time, now husband, had to notify the Dean of Women every time he came to see her. I thought about how different her dating experience has been as compared to mine. In addition, Nancy spoke about how women were not allowed to ride in cars in the Williamsburg area without permission and farther than the Williamsburg, women needed parental permission. In terms of academics, Nancy spoke about being a woman in the sciences at W&M and the difficulties she faced. “I would say they were quite challenging particularly as a woman. I was a woman who was actually Pre-Med. I had one teacher say I don’t teach women, and I had to have the class to be Pre-Med and I had to go through my usual thing try it you’ll will like it”. In addition to gender constriction, Nancy also expanded on her memories she had made, the friendships that she had crafted, and the laughs she had with the women she lived with. Not only was I surprised by how different Nancy’s experience was compared to mine, I was inspired by her involvement in the college and her positive outlook on life.

Protein Immobilization Research Weeks 5-6

Now that I feel comfortable in the lab and with my project, the past few weeks have focused on problem-solving and optimizing reactions. While I was able to express one of the SSO mutants using plasmids created by the lab’s previous graduate student, I was not able to successfully express the other two mutants or the wild type. Thus, I’ve spent the last few weeks cloning the SSO mutants and wild type into a functional plasmid that will hopefully allow us to express. I’m anticipating positive results later this week and into next, which will allow us to take further steps in the immobilization of this protein.

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GPU research log

Initial research objective

In order to enhance security of GPU, I first had to examine various types of attack made on GPU.

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June 18-26 Pyruvate Kinase Inhibition

Pyruvate Kinase Inhibition Continued

With the chosen method to determine the activity of pyruvate kinase, there are two stages where time can be varied. Initially, I tested the inhibition of pyruvate kinase after varying the time at both stages. Each molecule must also be tested at multiple concentrations. There were just too many variables of interest.

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Partnering with the Nansemond River Preservation Association

This summer I will be analyzing the importance of environmental education in education among minority students in Suffolk Virginia. I have had the great fortune to be able to partner with the NRPA, a local nonprofit it Virginia that monitors water quality in and around Suffolk, Virginia and provides several outreach programs. I will be establishing a supplementary hands-on education program that can be implemented in the summer school enrichment camps in Virginia and then posting them online for the general public to access.