Raillery & Revolution: Continued, Post #3

Raillery & Revolution: Part III

      In the last leg of my research, I found that despite the many progressive jokes in the Bibliothèque de Campagne lambasting members of the First and Second Estates, there did exist a few, surprising witticisms which were not that radical. As it turns out, a few witticisms in the series were reactionary, as they made jokes at the expense of women. For instance, in one anecdote the writer amusingly explained the reason for which Jesus first appeared to a woman, his mother Mary, after resurrecting from the dead:

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Field Work Along the Trent River


Earlier this summer I spent several days doing field work in North Carolina. I was accompanied by my advisor, Rowan Lockwood, and a local expert on local invertebrate paleontology, Buck Ward. This was my first experience working in the field for an extended period of time or taking on a leadership position during data collection. I learned a lot very quickly, which I’ve been able to apply throughout the rest of my work this summer. [Read more…]

Megiddo Expedition – Final Post

By the end of six weeks at the Megiddo Expedition, the rhythm of dig life had fully ingrained itself in my consciousness as the best and seemingly only way to live. Waking up at 4:30 am was natural, manual labor for seven hours expected, and pottery washing and office work in the afternoons nearly enjoyable.

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Finding Contradictory Information

I am finishing transcribing the interviews from women from the years 1945-1955. I have been able to locate patterns in the transcriptions such as the times of curfews for women, dress code, rules regarding riding in cars, however, I have come across information from one of the interviewees Henretta Band: WM class of 1954 that seems to contradict the sentiments toward gender constrictions during the time period. In the interview the interviewer stated:

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First Month: Method Development

Before we got the photolysis lamp (a xenon arc lamp), we did some preliminary trials by exposing the brown carbon to sunlight the old fashioned way.

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