Tent of Nations [7]: Travel Blogs (Tel Aviv, East Jerusalem)

10:20 pm, July 11, 2019, Dulles International Airport


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Tent of Nations 2019 [6]: Lessons for Volunteers

Please read my fifth blog about the approach I took with Daoud to build the volunteer lessons/talks before reading these, as the background I give is important to understanding why I structured these the way I did. I’ll post first the planning document of what I discussed, and then below this I’ll include what this looked like in practice. 

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Tent of Nations 2019 [5]: Reframing Trauma and Resilience

[I’ll be introducing in this blog the definition of community psychology in the context of this project, beginning with Western biomedical perspectives and moving towards the nuance required to talk about psychology in the context of Palestine.  Please enjoy!]

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Tent of Nations 2019 [4]: Bethlehem, Soldiers, Settlements & Spiritual Growth

[This is a journal entry I wrote in Palestine. Any notes made by me after the fact will be in brackets and/or not italicized. I’ve added information on some politics in this post. I also included some of my own personal thoughts about faith in this entry. The next post will be about community psychology and how I saw it in the West Bank. Please enjoy!]

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Week 7 — Finalization

My summer has come to an end but my research work needs further effort. This week I tried to collect images and data from the first patch of tadpoles I got. However, as I mentioned, these tadpoles are now way too big for the microscope and the mold we made. The images I took from tadpoles are not the clearest ones I could get, and since the tadpole size was way too big, many of them get squished under the microscope and died after the experiment. Therefore, I spent more time on reading scientific papers and familiarizing the software for my data analysis. I will continue my research during the fall and spring semester.