Writing about “7 Days in Havana” for the World Film Locations: Havana book

Hi all! With this blog post, we are even closer to finalizing the draft manuscript for World Film Locations: Havana.  Recent work has focused around the non-text portion of the book, specifically the Biographies and “Go Further” sections.  I have been compiling contributing authors’ bios, translating them to English (if originally in Spanish), and discovering new Cuban Film resources for “Go Further,” a short end-of-book chapter on ways to immerse oneself in Cuba’s cinematic culture from home.  Most significantly, I have created an additional scene description piece about the recent film “7 Days in Havana” [7 Días en La Habana].  The film offers a fascinating glimpse into contemporary Havana life, and features an incredibly unique cinematic structure.  It is divided into 7 chapters, each directed by a different international director.  The nationalities of the directors range from Cuban to American to Palestinian to French, producing a rich, diverse work of film.  I feel particularly connected to this film after having visited Havana last summer, where I met its principal screenwriter, Leonardo Padura. He mentioned the film in our conversation, and I have been waiting with baited breath to watch it ever since.  Thanks to my research adviser Ann Marie Stock, I was able to view the film and write about it for World Film Locations: Havana.  Below is a behind-the-scenes look at my scene description draft.  The timecode in the top left corresponds to the particular scene I am writing about, the scene from which I took still frames to accompany the piece (see last post on screen grabs).  I have included the stills below the text.  Enjoy!

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