W&M Memory Matters in Spain: Franco’s Repression in Cádiz

My name is Robert Bohnke, and I am a freshman intending to complete a major in Hispanic Studies. I’ll be traveling to Cádiz, Spain through the W&M summer program, and completing an independent research project on historical memory related to the repressive dictatorship of Francisco Franco. I plan to focus my independent research project during my study abroad on the effects of the Ley de la memoria históricain Cádiz. This national law passed in 2007, mandated a renewed initiative on the part of the government of Spain to support projects that foster historical memory, including the exhumations of the mass graves left behind byFranquismo.  During my time in Cádiz I plan to interview people whose families were affected by the violence of the Franco era and the following pacto de silencio, which survived past Franco’s death in 1975 and discouraged any public display of grievance for lost loved ones.

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Nucleocytoplasmic Shuttling of Thyroid Hormone Receptor

Hello, my name is Mary Stern. I am a rising senior and Biology Major. Over the summer I will be working in Dr. Allison’s Lab to try to clarify the role that exportin 7 may play in Thyroid Hormone Receptor Export from the Nucleus. Thyroid Hormone Receptor can shuttle between the Nucleus and Cytoplasm of a cell, enabling it to impact gene expression through actions as a transcription factor. Perhaps, a step should be taken back at this point to explain some of the information above in a little more depth.

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Incorporation of Graphene Oxide into Polyurethane and acrylic polymers for enhancement against hydrolytic degradation

Hae Seong Kim

Chemistry Major

To protect from corrosion and barnacles, the hull of a ship is coated with paint.  Paint coating is a crucial protection: as a result, every year tons of paint is used to cover a great surface area of a ship as well as to reinforce its coating layers.  If the durability and lifespan of paint can be improved, then it will result in greater economic, time, and labor efficiency.

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America’s Education Spending Conundrum

Hello, my name is Eboni Brown and I am currently a freshman here at the College. I plan to major in Government and minor in Africana Studies. I am very interested in civil rights and government and my research this summer combines my two interests into one collective project.

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Here I am, Ready to Work

Hello world,


I’m a rising senior studying biology and math here at the College. And what better way is there to integrate math and biology than to try to make a mathematical model of some biological phenomenon?

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