Some Last Thoughts

While it is true that I left lab a few weeks ago, it is not true that the work relating to my different projects is over. In fact, one could say that we are just getting started. What we were looking for was something compelling but we have not yet found it. In the fall, I think the lab will do some reflection in terms of which projects are worth our while to pursue and which are not. It takes time along with trial and error to achieve these answers.

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Reflection and Intro to CPP

A few days ago, I expressed my frustration about recent testing procedures which did not pan out as intended. Lab goes on though, and another project is on the horizon.

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New information and developments in the zebrafish lab

Hello all,

After a few weeks in the zebrafish lab, mixed results have been obtained. Results are results, though, so I will take this post to share with you what we have gathered so far about the zebrafish and where we are headed in the coming weeks.

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