Exploration in the Research Process

One of the best and worst parts of research…. Is that it is (or appears) endless.  I find myself reading things I know I will never use for my thesis…. but helps me to understand the situation and experience of unwed mothers in Morocco.  I have taken this approach from the beginning of my research process- a firm believer that all things intersect, connect, and influence.  However, this fact, coupled with the nature of research (one thing always leads to another) can be at times a bit overwhelming.  And yet exciting. 

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Summing up my Summer Research/Experience

Summer is over.  I am back at school with a full plate of work, classes, homework, obligations, and inter-library loans…. And so how best to summarize my summer in the field?

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Entering September

Research is a process, writing is a process, honors thesis is a process…. Meet with your advisor!!

So I am back at WM full steam (and I must say after eight months abroad it feels like quite the challenge).  I kept feeling like I was behind, behind, behind.  But then I remembered that in my proposal for my thesis (and summer funding) I wrote a timeline.  I had spent the time (way back when) making an achievable plan…. So I stopped for a moment and looked at it.  And you know what, not only did I remember how many times I planned on meeting with my advisor (which I did today) but I realized I am right on track, maybe even a little ahead.

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August and the USA

AUGUST 20th 2010

I am home now.  Back in the states.  The pace is about a million times faster and a watch is once again a necessity.  Everything is strange and weird, but I hear that fades.  For over seven months Morocco has been my home.  I have friends and family there.  I researched there, I slept there, I ate there, I fell in love there.  Transitioning back to my other home will take some time, but hopefully this too will help my research.  I am starting to think that everything helps your research.  People, field experiences, education, and I might say most importantly life experiences.

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July Backdated Post

JULY 30th 2010

This month is wrapping up.  I’ve thought many times of blogging but have yet been able to synthesize (not to mention log onto the blogging website) all that I have learned.  But the month is drawing to a close and I suppose it is time.

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