Compiling Data

So I now get to begin the fun? process of compiling the data from all of my interviews. So while it will be a lot of work to sort through the data, look for patterns, and draw conclusions, it will also give me insight into what I have been working on for the past two months. In a way, it is a bit ironic that I have spent so much time working on my summer research project without really having a true idea of what I have concluded. While I have a general idea of the castaneros feelings simply from having extended interviews with over 25 people, I have yet to truly sit down and examine my data. So, I must begin!

July and back in the USA

The last two weeks of research went well – we collected 15 interviews with ACCA castañeros, and spent the last several days focusing simply on collecting non-ACCA interviews, which were obviously harder. We spent many early mornings at government buildings where castañeros had to come to, and with the help of Carlos, who worked at ACCA yet knew most of the castañeros, we were able to collect a total of 10 non-ACCA interviews, which we felt sufficient to give balace to our ACCA interviews. We now get to spend several weeks compiling the data, organizing it into an effective manner, drawing conclusions, and also translate our findings into Spanish so ACCA can more effectively use the data and conclusions we have.

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Half-way done with interviews

On our first Sunday, we woke up at 6am, and met with Pedro and two economists from Lima who would be assisting ACCA as the castañeros began work on a new business to sell castañas. We drove about 3 minutes until we reached the river, and, still waiting for the completion of the Inter-Oceanic Highway bridge, waited about 10 ten minutes for a wooden car ferry to load our van on, and ferry us across the river. We then drove around 2 hours north, in order to reach the forested areas where the brazil nuts are in enough concentration to allow commercial harvesting.

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June 2nd: My Arrival in Puerto Maldonado

Well, the last time I posted on this blog was April 12, and my in-country research has both begun and ended by now, and I have been back in the USA for over a week now. However, possessing an internet connection in the Amazon jungle which could hardly load HTML Gmail, much less upload pictures onto WordPress, I thought it best to simply wait until I returned to the land of DSL to continue my blog posts. However, I will attempt to write as though I was in the moment, and thus will begin this post starting with my arrival in Puerto Maldonado.

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Summer in the Amazon Basin

Hello to all,

As I being to make preparations for my Charles Center International Research trip, I thought I would open with a post about my trip and the purpose of my research.

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