I’m back — sorry for the delay

So I have had an incredibly busy few weeks here in Seoul — first off, I did not realize my wall socket for the internet was busted and just thought my computer was broken-and second I was extremely sick for about two weeks- so these are probably the biggest causes for me being absent for so long. However, that’s old news now!!!!

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My Summer in Korea!


My name is Anushya Ramaswamy, and I am a Junior – double major in IR and Chinese. This summer, I am tackling the issue of elite education in Korea, specifically Yonsei University in Seoul. So essentially, my research surrounds the question: why is it that only education at one of the 4 elite universities in the country provides the credentials for success? Within my research, I would like to specifically study the relationship between higher education at an elite university and its effect on related perceptions of future success and social mobility.

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