The Climb to Chaguite

“Very few communities have organized capacity for collective action,” but what makes this concept vital in marginalized communities is their lack of access to the most basic tangible resources. In many instances, collective capacity resulting in community action is crucial because it is one of the few resources a community does not have to depend on an outside source for (Aday, forthcoming).

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Collecting DTRA Data in Chaguite, Nicaragua


In recent years, international development has adopted several theories and methodologies that differ from one another, essentially detailing the manner in which to alleviate poverty and address social concerns in a given community. Community Based Participatory Research, a theory on this very subject, states that in order for a community to become less marginalized, it must increase its capacity. According to Goodman, capacity is composed of both participation and leadership (1998). Without these two dimensions of social structures, a community does not have the ability to determine its needs and respond appropriately.

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