Early June Update (A Little Late)

Our experiment on milkweed pollination needed to start quickly.  Since we needed fresh blooms to quantify both longhorned milkweed beetle and general pollination, our research group needed to get to our transects out in Blandy Experimental Farm and Arboretum before any milkweed blooms.  The common milkweed starts to bloom in early June, so everything had to be ready before then.  Along with graduate student Nicki, who is running this project, another undergraduate assistant, Angelica, and I rushed to prepare all the tools and equipment we would need.  We got the lab and the greenhouse cleaned and organized, including a painstaking power-wash of the greenhouse floor.  We collected all the supplies needed, including our flag markers, binoculars, and pollination bags to protect the flowers (made by me over summer break).  When everything was collected, we woke up bright and early to head up to Blandy.

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