The Intangible Assets of Brand

Moore (2003) writes on the notion exactly what constitutes brand and how brand is created by marketers and perceived by consumers. His article in the journal Language & Communication, entitled “From genericide to viral marketing: on ‘brand,'” attempts to portray brand as “an inherently unstable composite of tangible (e.g. product) and intangible (e.g. brand name) values” (331) and he makes use of a Peircean semiotic framework in order to demonstrate the ways in which this is true.

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The Language of Consumerism: What the Doctrine of Foreign Equivalents tells us about foreign language assumptions in trademark law.


My name is Brian Focarino. I am a junior at the College double majoring in linguistics and government. My summer reserach, which will provide the foundations for my senior honors thesis, focus on an area of trademark and intellectual property law known as the Doctrine of Foreign Equivalents!

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