The beginning of the end

Updates from my last post:

As most researchers I think would agree, it becomes decidedly difficult to continue research from home. Without that favorite spot in Swem and an iced coffee for fuel, my productivity wasn’t exactly through the roof.

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The (Re) Guessing Game

I think I’ve discovered one problem with research: no matter how quickly you read, write, or produce- you’re still going to be a bit behind the times. You’re always second guessing-  at the very least yourself, but also probably that article you read last week, or the outcome of a test that’s been run. For me, with a topic that means I get a pertinent ‘Google News Alert’ in my mailbox at least 3 times a week, it means I’ve got to keep adapting and factoring in new events.

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When it rains…

Anyone living in Williamsburg in the summer (or, for that matter, in Bilbao, where this research started) can complete that statement all too well.  I’m normally a huge fan of summer downpours, but not to the extent that I enjoy giving a tour through one.  That, I’ll say, was a bit much.  But because we’ve been short on rain, I know that even if it comes all at once it’s still very much appreciated  by the locals.

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On concluding that I need conclusions

Ok, ok, it’s not that bad. I’m not just swimming endlessly through documents or wandering into purely philosophical musings. What I am, however, is an undergraduate who can create some hypotheses but lacks the means to back them with authority.

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Inquiring minds and unchartered territory

“Oh, what are you doing in the ‘burg this summer?”

It’s definitely the question of the week. Professors ask. Friends ask. Tour groups ask.  And I answer it with enthusiasm, as the start of this research is only sparking more and more interest for me! Ok, sometimes eyes glaze over in my introduction when I get to the alphabet soup of ETA and FARC, but I could discuss this all day.

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