Update #3: 6/10-6/17

During week three, I sent out the pilot Qualtrics survey. I waited for an adequate amount of responses in order to examine the results. The tricky part, however, was getting people to respond. I sent the survey to a plethora of GroupMe chats. I also advertised it on my social media accounts. So, the majority of week three was spent waiting for people to respond to my pilot Qualtrics survey.

Update #2: 6/3-6/10

Things for my experiment design were beginning to rapidly progress as I continued to meet with my professor each day. I created a Qualtrics survey to which I added all of the scales and tasks that would assess my participants’ implicit and explicit biases to what I am researching. I also designed a pilot Qualtrics survey in which I would send out before the actual survey. The purpose of the pilot survey was to ensure that people responded to each variable the way that I intended them to.

Update 1: 5/27-6/3

During the first week of my research in Professor Forestell’s Eating Behavior Lab, I attended a lab meeting and met everyone who was conducting research this summer. We all introduced ourselves and explained what we would be working on over the course of the summer.

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