Data Wrangling

Near the conception of this project, I was part of several discussions on “data workflow” and other such monikers that allude to the crazy, messy world of what we call data. In a time when information and “big data” are valuable and only relatively recently tappedĀ sources of knowledge, extracting insights from this messy world is a skill that seems like it just makes everything easier. So naturally, I was excited at the idea of being able to learn some of the techniques used to make sense of everything in the process of my summer research project. After all, when practicing science and statistics, there is a lot information to keep track of. Unfortunately that means there are that many more ways that all that information can get mixed up and jumbled around… I learned several important things about cleaning and managing data in the course of my project so far. [Read more…]

Update on Comparing Solvent Cleaning Treatments Using NMR

It is hard to believe that we have already completed two weeks here in the lab, but things are moving at a steady pace and a lot of work has been done in terms of experimenting with techniques which will be used to analyze paint samples that have been treated with solvents. While not directly moving forward with cleaning techniques on paint, determining the accuracy of these data gathering techniques is crucial because we need to be certain that we can retrieve the information that we need from the data we procure.

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