Final results

During my last week at Trinidad I was really sad to leave because I felt that I had left much of the island unexplored.  I did visit the capital city and try a bunch of different new foods. I did attend a couple holiday celebrations such as Emancipation Day and Labor Day. For my research one thing I wished I had done different was to utilize the Library resources so I would have been able to find more articles that closely related to colorism in Trinidad. I found a lot of stuff on skin bleaching in Jamaica and in the Caribbean but I feel like even though that happens in Trinidad there are other factors in Trinidad that make colorism their unique to other Caribbean countries due to its multicultural background. At the end of my interviews, the people that I interviewed said that skin color was not really the issue of colorist hat they were experiencing but instead hair texture and facial features. some of the girls said that they have straightened their hair because they do not want to have a hard head because they have been told by family members and friends that men do not like women with hard heads because they do not want their children to have hard heads too. Some girls also said that since they had wider noses or bigger lips they were made fun of usually as a child in primary school and were called animalistic names. Usually the people with the darker skin complexions were encouraged to relax their hair as a way to amok up for their darker skin.

Next step

So after returning to school I set up a meeting with my summer research faculty that I will see on Monday. After completing my interview in Trinidad I am exciting to take my next step in completing my honor’s thesis of comparing and contrasting Colorism in Trinidad and in American, more specifically at the University of West Indies and William and Mary. After the Summer Research symposium, I will be actively working this semester to find some more research on Colorism in Trinidad that I did not have a chance to look at in the summer and then next semester I will begin to interview Female students that the college because I have already started a literature review of Colorism in the Black population in America. I hope to interview about 10 to 15 students. With this population I hope to get a wider range of skin colors so that I will get more unique responses.

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Beginning the Interview Process

So I completed my first 5 interviews and so far they were all good. One thing that I noticed that I wished I could have done differently was try to recruit more students of different skin colors. For the most part i did not have any one that had a lighter skin tone. I tried asking my aunt how I could potentially reach out to more of the students that had a lighter skin tone but my Aunt said that most females that are lighter skin color will probably not talk to me about colorism because they benefit more readily from the system than those who are darker. In my interviews I was able to learn some terminologies or word choices for people. Blacker skin is compared to vultures because they have a darker skin tone and are seen as the lowest of the low because they are scavengers, dirty and ugly. Instead of people with lighter skin called light skins they are called red or red bone because of hue that shows up in their skin. Some people call black people a blackie and say that red woman are cheaper than a dollar bill. Funny enough the one dollar bill in Trinidad is red. This means that people who have a lighter skin are not worth much because they are usually viewed as dishonorable people.

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Finding Participants

So When I arrived in Trinidad. I asked my Aunt to help me find Participants at the University of West Indies. since she went to that school. I talked to her about some of the tools and resources that I could use to help me find students. She recommended that it would be best just for me to walk up to students around campus and introduce myself and ask them to interview them. At first I was planning on working on the literature review but my aunt informed that the students at the University will be leaving campus soon because the school  year was ending. So she took me down to the university to talk to some students.

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