All About Health Care

Hello everyone! My name is Eytan, and I’m a rising senior majoring in Economics at William and Mary. This Summer, I will be working on two projects related to health care. First, I will be working with my advisor, Professor He, on examining changes in Medicare legislation. Medicare is a government sponsored form of health care primarily for individuals over the age of 65 (younger individuals with¬† specific types of disabilities are also eligible).¬† In 2000, Medicare changed the way in which outpatient hospital expenses were reimbursed. Previously, outpatient hospital visits were reimbursed based on the exact cost of the treatments. Under the new legislation, the Outpatient Prospective Payment System, expenses are classified into different categories , depending on the type of treatment. Thus, the exact cost of the expenses is not reimbursed, but rather a set amount is paid based on the classification of the treatment. This change in policy could affect how much medication patients receive , and how likely they are to receive outpatient surgery.

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