Abstract: SyncBoard: Synchronizing Virtual Keyboards among Multiple Smart Devices

My research project is to develop an application called “SyncBoard” that can be installed on Android devices to synchronize virtual keyboards among multiple smart devices. This application is aimed to solve a real life scenario: when people buy a new smart device, they find the default keyboard input very hard to use because the well-personalized keyboard input prompt that learned from their typing habits is gone by changing to the new device. The default keyboard input is based on an average calculation of people’s typing habits, but everyone has his or her own habits that cannot be covered by the default keyboard input. As a result, users feel that their new keyboards are inconvenient, and genuinely want their old keyboard input prompt on their new devices. So, in this summer project, I am creating an app to solve the problem of the inability to transfer memory of keyboard input from one device to another. By resolving this problem, users can type faster and easier on their new devices because they do not need to train their keyboards to be individualized again.

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