Low-Income and Public Housing Research Abstract

The country has seen tough economic times as of recently and Williamsburg is not immune. This might seem hard to believe if one doesn’t stray far from campus, but Williamsburg’s economy is particularly troublesome because it is a service economy. These service jobs do not pay well and affordable homes for workers in the service industry are difficult to find since the average Williamsburg home costs more than they can afford. The research I have been conducting is on availability of low-income and public housing in the Williamsburg area. I want to better understand what kind of access low income residents have to housing here. My goal is learn what it is like to be a low income resident in Williamsburg, what kind of housing options they have, what kind of opportunities are presented to them to help them become better off financially, what policies are in place, what things should be done to improve the housing situation here, and what can be done to help reduce the need for low-income and public housing. My final product will be a paper compiling my research.