Katherine Circle Public Housing Apartments

The past two days I have spent four hours at the Katherine Circle family public housing apartments to assist in giving free lunch to the residents. It turned out they didn’t need that much in assistance, but I still found the experience to be very rewarding from a research perspective and I think they found me to be decent entertainment for the kids so I wasn’t a bother. When I first arrived at the apartments I was surprised to realize I had actually already been there before. Last August I went on the 7 Generations pre-orientation trip. My specific trip was labeled Access to Housing and Healthcare. We stopped in one of the apartments in Katherine Circle and talked with an older woman living there. She lived in a household full of young children, all her daughter’s kids. I remember what struck me upon entering her house was seeing the children’s school papers, math tests, drawings, etc. covering every crevice of the walls. It warmed my heart seeing that this woman was putting such a strong emphasis on their schoolwork so that they might have a shot at breaking the cycle of poverty.

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