Plans for the Semester

As I mentioned in previous posts, research is a continuous project and does not necessarily end with the end of summer session. In fact, my advisor already have scheduled me in with one of his fellow graduate students who’s working on a similar topic, and we will have much to discuss, and have mutually planned several ideas and tweaks for each other’s projects. I wonder what he has in mind for me, and I think….hope that I have found a possible solution to one of his long-standing problems…I hope it works!

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The more the merrier…?

As this summer session of research draws to an end, so is my research….sorta.

Currently I am actually working on…I gonna say 3 different topics at the same time, all loosely related. There is the Facebook network structural analysis, then there is the body sensor mote network, and of course, distributed network algorithm. Need proof that they are all related? Well, they all have the word “network” in them, so they are related. Maybe distant 5th cousins, but still, related. Judging from the fact that research topics can freely associate with other research topics and make lots of little research babies, I predict that August 5th will by no means be the end of my research here at WM, and as a matter of fact, I like it this way.

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It’s that time of the year again

The road to awesome research is paved with millions of rough spots, and it seems that now, the half way point in the fun summer, tends to be the time when some of the difficulties truly unveils themselves and makes life a little bit more interesting for us researchers. The beginning is normally simple–you have a target, you find your direction, off you go. The end, too, is not too bad–you’d have gone far, what you want to accomplish is within reach, just need to do it. But the middle, oh the middle is not so simple. There are always lots of complexities and hardship that you can’t predict.

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Programming, Designing, writing and Presenting

So research is fully underway already. Since I’m lucky enough to have an old project from last summer to finish up in addition to the new one, I’m at a particular stage of the game where I am simultaneously designing protocols for new projects, programing preliminary code, at the same time reviewing old code so that I can finish writing the paper on the old project, all the while running around campus to give presentations on it…busy, confusing, but lots of fun.

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Summer 2010, here I come!

This summer I’d be doing some research related to … well, just about everything. I will be using computer science as a tool to analyze and trace Facebook friends list, and try to derive a generic description for all such social networks, which in turn is interesting to graph theory of Math, Communication of Public Policy and Sociology, and one subfield or another in your department of choice.

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